Nov 2nd 2021

November Coffee Cafe and Ice Cream Shoppe Specials

November Specials at Platter's Cafe

November Coffee Café and Ice Cream Shoppe Specials are savory Fall favorites. Visit Platter's Chocolates all month long to enjoy one of our delicious November Café specials. Remember to tag Platter’s Chocolates when enjoying your Coffee Café or Ice Cream Shoppe special.

Platter’s November Coffee Café Specials:

Maple Cinnamon Soy Latte – This Maple Cinnamon Soy Latte may just replace the pumpkin spice. Made with espresso, frothy soy milk, and sweetened will maple and cinnamon, it’s Fall in a cup.

Chocolate Hazelnut Milk Tea – This rich, creamy, and chocolatey Milk Tea will remind you of Nutella in a cup! With freshly made tapioca, try this nutty creation hot or iced.

Maple Cinnamon Soy Latte Chocolate Hazelnut Milk Tea

Platter’s November Ice Cream Shoppe Specials:

Pumpkin Cheesecake Sammy Swirl – This sweet and creamy Sammy Swirl will taste like a homemade slice of pumpkin pie a la mode, but the addition of cheesecake makes this the ultimate cool fall taste experience. Made with creamy vanilla custard, pumpkin pie flavoring, cheesecake bites, and topped off with whipped cream you may want to bring this to your Thanksgiving Celebration!

Cinnamon Bun Sundae – Featuring Perry’s Cinnamon Bun Ice Cream you can’t go wrong with this sundae! Choose your size and we add, warm butterscotch topping, pecans, whipped cream, and a cherry. This will be your new favorite dessert.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Sammy Swirl Cinnamon Bun Sundae

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