Cafe & Ice Cream Shoppe

Visit Platter's Café to grab a hot cup of coffee or enjoy a tasty sundae from our Ice Cream Shoppe. Whether you’re holding an important meeting with colleagues, celebrating a special occasion with someone special, or reconnecting with old friends, Platter’s Café and Ice Cream Shoppe is a relaxed environment for all to enjoy. We are open year-round with plenty of indoor seating including two fireplaces for the cozy winter feels and an outdoor patio for the summertime fun. We can’t wait to see you on your next visit to Platter’s Café and Ice Cream Shoppe!

Weekly & Monthly Specials

 Custard of the Week

Blue Raspberry Custard

Blue Raspberry

 Platter's Café featured Custard of the Week. Each custard specialty is available from Friday to Thursday at 8 PM.

 Featured Custard

Banana Custard


 Each Featured Custard is available starting the first Friday of the month and is available through the last Thursday of the month at 8:00 PM.

June Café Specials

 Platter's Café features specialty Coffee Café and Ice Cream Shoppe specials each month. 

June Cafe Specials

Nutty Buddy Sundae

This sundae has a base of vanilla custard topped with chocolate hot fudge, crunchy peanuts, cone pieces and topped with whipped cream, and a cherry.  This take on a nostalgic treat will satisfy your sweet tooth and bring back fond memories of neighborhood ice cream truck stops.

Strawberry Frost Lemonade

Our strawberry frost lemonade is a refreshing blend of our house-made lemonade with a burst of strawberry flavor. This frozen drink is a perfect balance of fruity sweetness and citrusy zing to quench your thirst on a sunny day.

Summer Specials 

Summer Platter's Cafe Specials

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Indulge in our Frozen Hot Chocolate, a perfect blend of rich cocoa and velvety milk, whipped into a frosty, smooth delight. Topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, this treat offers a refreshing twist on a classic favorite.

Dr. Pepper Float

Dive into the nostalgic bliss of our Dr. Pepper Ice Cream Float. This refreshing treat combines the unique, bold flavors of Dr. Pepper with creamy vanilla ice cream, creating a fizzy, sweet delight. Perfectly balanced and irresistibly delicious, it's a classic treat with a modern twist.


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