Factory Tours

Factory Tours - A Fun Experience for All Ages!


Looking for an activity fun and informative for your group? Consider a guided tour of Platter’s Chocolate Factory for groups of 20 or more. Chocolate production occurs year-round with seasonal production schedules. Operation is daily from mid-September through mid-April on Monday – Friday from 8 am – 3 pm, and Summer production is limited, please call us at 716-693-5391 ext. 111 for those hours. Groups are welcome to visit our facility even when production is not happening. However, guided tours lead you to view the chocolate manufacturing equipment along with photos of the rich history of Platter’s and the iconic Wurlitzer Building.

Interested in a tour but don’t have enough folks to join your group? No worries, we have multiple production viewing areas open to the public to self-tour at your leisure.

Our multiple viewing areas allow to you to see just about all our chocolate making processes. Fan favorites include whipping up a batch of sponge candy and watching how we make hollow novelties by hand! Watch our chocolate manufacturing process while enjoying some of our Platter’s Café favorites like a fresh pressed coffee, hot chocolate, an ice cream sundae, and of course, CHOCOLATES!

Check our calendar of events often, we’re always adding new and fun ways to keep everyone entertained at Platter’s, from local coffee café musicians to full events for the entire family.


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