Inside Our Factory

Visit Platter’s Chocolate Factory for a fun filled experience that will educate you about our candy making process!

We offer self-guided tours that include public viewing areas with looping videos that will guide you through our candy manufacturing process.

For groups of 20 or more, we are happy to offer guided tours where a Team Member will lead you to view the chocolate manufacturing process along with photos of the rich history of Platter’s Chocolate Factory and the iconic Wurlitzer Building. Click here for Factory Tours. Learn more about tour and submit a form to schedule your tour for a group of 20 or more.

Patio at Platter's Chocolate Factory Mold Wall Enrobing Line Self Guided Tour
Factory Enrobing Lines Making Sponge Candy Platter's Cafe
 Platter's Cafe Large Stage with Fireplace  Platter's Cafe Long Tables  Platter's Cafe Small Stage with Fireplace
Dining Room Small Stage Chocolate Store - December
 Chocolate Store - January  Valentine's Photobooth  Cafe Dining Room - January
Easter at Platter's Chocolate Factory  Easter Photobooth  Easter Bunny at Platter's