85 Years of History


1938 1938 – Carl & Vera Platter launch Platter’s Chocolates in the basement of their house at 134 East Felton Street selling molded Easter chocolates door to door.
1950 1950 – Having tremendous success Carl turns his part-time business into a full-time career.  Buying the house next door for manufacturing in the basement and turning 134’s basement into his storefront. He even built a tunnel under the driveway to move product between the two basements!


1974 1974 – Serial entrepreneur and Pharmacist, Roger Urban, purchased Platter’s Chocolates with the intent to grow the business through wholesaling.
1976 1976 – Platter’s Chocolate moves to Oliver St. to allow for the expansion of production to include wholesale accounts. 
1992 1992 – Assets of Betty Dixon Candies in Jamestown is purchased to extend the in-house confection making to include creams, jellies, caramels, and a WNY favorite, sponge candy. **Rumor has it, Lucille Ball once worked for Betty Dixon and it’s quite possible that’s where the idea for the famous episode of Lucy and Ethel on the enrobing line on the I Love Lucy show!  
1993 1993 – Mike, Sherry, Bruce, and Joe Urban all become equal owners after the passing of their father, Roger Urban. Bruce and Joe join their sister Sherry in the business full-time to carry on the legacy. 
2001 2001– Platter’s Chocolates expands again opening an Ice Cream Shoppe to allow them to offer ice cream and chocolate throughout the Summer months.  


2016 2016 – A move to the Wurlitzer Building allowed us to expand our business by introducing our café, which includes in-house pastries, coffee beverages, and ice cream year-round. We have public viewing areas of our production facilities and can now call ourselves Platter’s Chocolate Factory!
2022 2022 – Joe and Heidi Urban become majority shareholders of Platter’s Chocolate Factory. As well as, the official mascot of PCF, Sammy Sponge, celebrates his 5th Birthday on July 16th.
2023 2023 – Platter’s Chocolate Factory celebrates 85 Years in business.  Thank you for making us the Sweetest Destination in WNY!

At the Wurlitzer Building

Platter's Chocolate Factory, located in the historic Wurlitzer building between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, New York, has been crafting specialty chocolates since 1938. A visit to our location will include multiple viewing areas where you can see our candy making process; from whipping a batch of sponge candy to pouring molded novelties, and sea salt caramels running down our production lines. You can enjoy treats from our Coffee Café, Ice Cream Shoppe, and Chocolate Store while relaxing by our fireplace, factory viewing area, or outdoor patio. We welcome guests from across the globe to share in a Western New York tradition.