Corporate Gift Giving

Give your clients, employees, and sales team a sweet gift they will love.  Choose a box of assorted chocolates, a chocolate gift basket, or showcase your business and brand with an edible chocolate business card.  Logo imprinted chocolate will leave a tasty impression that will not be forgotten.  Choose from engraving your logo on chocolate bars, chocolate business card sizes, and include them in a box with assorted chocolates.  Options vary making this a unique gift for everyone. Contact Platter's Chocolates to start planning your custom corporate gifts and favors.  View our Corporate Gifts below or contact a Platter's Consultant to get started with your custom order.

corporate-chocolatesampler-platterschocolates.png corpoarte-small-snacksize-basket-platterschocolates.jpg corporate-large-logo-bar-with-truffles-platterschocolates.png  corporate-1lb-2lb-assorted-turffles-platterschocolates.png

Platter's Favorite Sampler

Our Favorite Sampler includes four of Platter's Chocolates Favorites. Chocolate Flats, Sprinkled Almond Crunch, Sea Salt Almond Caramels, and Sponge Candy. Available in Milk, Dark, or Orange Chocolate.

Snack Size Basket

Snack sized packages of Milk Sponge, Orange Sponge, Sea Salt Almond Caramels, Pecan Frogs, Sprinkled Almond Crunch, Orange Chocolate Buffalo Flats, Milk Chocolate Buffalo Bites, Buffalo Wing Nuts.

Large Logo Bar & Truffles

Each chocolate box includes a 4 oz. Large Chocolate Bar, which can be customized for your business, along with a variety of milk, dark, and white chocolate Assorted Truffles. 

 Assorted Truffles

Each Platter's Chocolate candy box is packaged with 1 lb. of assorted milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate truffles. A perfect variety to share as a gift.