Jan 1st 2024

January 2024 Coffee Cafe and Ice Cream Shoppe Specials

As we celebrate the New Year, our team is excited to announce Platter’s Chocolate Factory’s January 2024 Coffee Café and Ice Cream Shoppe Specials! Stop into Platter's Chocolate Factory all month long to enjoy our delicious Platter’s Café treats.

January Coffee Café Special:

Cookies and Cream Affogato

Our Cookies and Cream Affogato is a delightful treat featuring rich cookies and cream ice cream drowned in a shot of freshly brewed espresso, creating a harmonious blend of creamy sweetness and bold coffee flavor. Also available in decaf!

January Ice Cream Shoppe Special:

Toasted White Chocolate Mocha

Our Toasted White Chocolate Mocha is a delightful, indulgent coffee beverage that combines the rich creaminess of white chocolate with the sweet, toasty flavor of marshmallows, creating a comforting and delicious treat. It's the perfect choice for those looking to savor a cozy, wintertime coffee experience.

January Product Spotlight:

While at Platter’s Chocolate Factory, check out our monthly Product Spotlight for January featuring our Chocolate Laced Popcorn.

January Featured Custard [back by popular demand] is Pistachio

Each Featured Custard is available starting the first Friday of the month through the last Thursday of the month at 8:00 PM.

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