Jun 12th 2024

Indulging in Sweet Delights: Platter’s Chocolate Factory Custard of the Week!

If you have a sweet tooth and an adventurous palate, then Platter’s Chocolate Factory has just the treat for you – our custard of the week. It all began in the basement of a house in East Felton Street in North Tonawanda with molded orange chocolate. A move to Oliver Street delivered immediate success, which would allow us to expand our manufacturing and eventually open a small old-fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe.

Once we made a move to the iconic Wurlitzer Building we opened a coffee specialty café and expanded our Ice Cream Shoppe. A sampling of what we offer all year long in our Ice Cream Shoppe includes:

  • Over 34 flavors of hard ice cream
  • Fresh made lemon ice made right here, in our candy kitchen
  • Traditional French vanilla and chocolate custard and our specialty orange chocolate custard
  • Ice cream cakes and pies made fresh daily

Among all these delectable treats, our custard of the week is a unique offering that keeps our customers coming back for more.

Before we delve into all the mouthwatering flavors let’s take a moment to set the stage!

Every Friday at Platter’s Chocolate Factory we release a new custard of the week for foodies all over WNY to enjoy. Whether you’re in the mood for the comforting taste of those warm fall flavors or a tropical adventure that will make you feel like a bright summer day, Platter’s “COW” is sure to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds. So, stop in and enjoy the weekly surprise and let your senses embark on a delightful journey of flavors.

Some of the fan favorites include:

Traditional Vanilla Custard - While vanilla may seem simple, we take this custard to another level. Sourcing the finest ingredients that capture the essence of pure indulgence.

Classic Chocolate Custard – For chocolate aficionados, this rich and creamy custard creates a symphony of chocolatey goodness.

Platter’s Famous Orange Chocolate Custard – If you love our orange chocolate flats you’re going to love our orange chocolate custard. Velvety chocolate custard with that sweet citrus orange that made Platter’s orange chocolate famous! This is a must-try!

Banana Custard – A celebration of the sweet tropical goodness of ripe bananas. This custard features a smooth and creamy texture with a delightful burst of natural banana flavor, making this an excellent choice for those who adore this beloved fruit!

Espresso Custard – Espresso Custard has an aromatic coffee taste with the slight bitterness of espresso balanced by the sweetness of our custard, creating a harmonious blend. This one may be delicious in our affogato too!

Peppermint Custard – This cool minty custard is a sweet and sassy reminiscent of a classic candy cane. Peppermint custard will bring back memories of the holiday time with the sweet peppermint cool flavor.

Pistachio Custard – Nutty, rich, and slightly sweet with that distinct pistachio flavor. This smooth and creamy custard has a mildly sweet nuttiness, both delicate and pronounced, making it a unique and sophisticated choice for custard of the week.

Pumpkin Custard – This custard tastes like a smooth creamy version of pumpkin pie with hints of sweet cinnamon, vanilla, and pumpkin. It has a warm comforting flavor that’s perfect for fall. We even offer this as an ice cream pie

Lime – With its tangy citrus zest flavor, lime custard provides the perfect balance between sweetness and the tartness of a lime. Its refreshing flavor makes it a great option for those who are looking for a fresh summertime treat!

Root beer – Sweet and creamy with the slightly spiced flavor of root beer. Root beer custard has a nostalgic, old-fashioned soda fountain taste with a hint of spice and a creamy finish. This would be great in our root beer float!

Blue Moon – With a sweet mix of fruity flavor, Blue Moon custard is often described as a combination of fruit punch, lemon, and a hint of vanilla. Some have even said it tastes like Fruity Pebbles in a sweet creamy custard. This is one you just have to try!

Cake Batter – Rich and indulgent describe our birthday cake custard. With a sweet taste reminiscent of vanilla cake and frosting, this classic flavor reminds anyone of a birthday celebration with every bite.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Custard – A divine combination of rich, velvety chocolate and smooth creamy peanut butter. With each spoonful, you’ll experience and blend of these classic flavors that together, create a heavenly treat for both chocolate and peanut butter enthusiasts.

Cookie Dough Custard – If you’ve ever found yourself sneaking spoonsful of cookie dough while baking, this custard is made for you! A combination of buttery cookie flavors and a hint of vanilla, this custard brings all the feels of the comforting taste of freshly baked cookies.

This is just a sampling of what we offer each week. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to be first to know what we are offering for our weekly custard!

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